CLS Development, Inc.
Bravo! Excellent presentation.

Cynthia is a dynamic speaker. She holds 100% of your attention.

The presenter was great. Funny, wonderful, and insightful.
Participants, The Science of Happiness
Will help me improve my communication skills both at work and at home.

Learned how to improve communication in my working area.
Participants, Colors of Communication
Cynthia is an excellent presenter, with a lot of information presented in an entertaining and easy-to-follow format.
Participant, Sharpen Your Mind Skills
This was great, very effective.
Participant, Writing for Publication
Excellent presentation - there are many things that were discussed that I plan to share with my colleagues.
Very engaging, informative, thought provoking!
Participants: Social Media: Promises and Perils
Editorial Services
Thank you for all your hard work, expertise, patience, and persistence.
Book author

A great piece (on continuing education and evidence based practice), one of the best I've read on the topic.


I have known and worked with Cindy Saver for more than 10 years. She is a talented editor and writer. People often comment on the speed and efficiency with which she completes her work and her ability to overcome obstacles. She is a remarkable person—someone who knows how to get the job done and inspire others in the process. 

Editor at major publishing firm

It’s always a pleasure to work with you—you do such a great job on getting the copy together and editing it that it makes my job a breeze. I appreciate it!

Editor at major publishing firm